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Hvar, a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, is best known as a summer resort. Highlights of the port town Hvar include its 13th-century walls, a hilltop fortress and a main square anchored by the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral. The island also features beaches like Dubovica and inland lavender fields. Boat excursions serve the nearby Pakleni Islands, which have secluded beaches and coves.

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Rent a Boat, Car, Scooter in HVAR​ Tours

If you’re someone who loves getting out and discovering the outdoors, I take my hat off to you. Boat rental and charter services will get you out and discovering the outdoors, and this will relieve you and make you feel more relaxed. You should definitely plan to get a boat rentalCar rental and scooter rental and charter in the near future.

Boat rental in HVAR can be fun since you don’t have to do all the messy tasks that you would have to do if you actually owned the boat. And, if the boat has any problems, you don’t have to worry too much since the boat rental and charter Antonio Rent will fix it.

Today, many people stay cooped up inside and forget the outdoors. It’s very important that we don’t lose our connection with nature – if you do, you’ll probably live an unhappier life. It’s very important to keep your touch with nature and one way to do so is by getting a boat rental and charter.

You can get the family together and get a boat rental and charter, and discover the outdoors together with family. You can choose between many boats to rent, such as houseboats or day boats, or even deck boats, depending on what you plan on doing. Boat rental and charter is a great activity to do and you really should consider doing it.

Rent a Luxury and Fast Boat

Hire Antonio Rent Luxury Boat with the fast speed options, that will help you to quickly reach to the most beautiful beaches, hidden caves and cliffs in the area.

Our speed boats got you covered in both cases and are fast enough to take you around Pakleni islands, best beaches on Hvar island or even Blue and Green cave on Vis or Golden Horn in Bol.

Get Guided with Professional Skippers

Skippers have got a significant role in making such tours truly enchanting. From assisting travellers with details of place one is adventuring or delivering safer mode of voyage, they can deftly fulfil it all. Moreover, a skipper in want of earning some more profit can also contact these online service providers.

Updated Technology for a Protective Dealing

The Antonio Rent has turned out to be impressively serviceable due to the implementation of updated technology. Eventually, one can get along with the beneficial aspects of convenient rental system which is as gainful as online car rentals. Hence, benefits of safe secured and protected monetary dealing while renting boats, yacht or any other sorts of water vessels has been made possible by our services.