Discover the sights, scents, and tastes of the picturesque and aromatic island of Hvar in Croatia. Join Antonio Rent’s guided e-bike tour with your family or friends – for 4 hours and 32 kilometres of fun and sightseeing, accompanied by a local tour guide. :)

What to See on Beautiful Hvar Island - a Guided E-Bike Tour, Antonio Rent Hvar
Colours and Scents of Lavender Fields

Sights, Scents, and Tastes of Lovely Hvar – on a Guided E-Bike Tour

Enjoy the colourful sights of picturesque natural landscapes throughout the island of Hvar – olive groves, vineyards, lavender fields, pine woods, beaches… The freshening colour palette of this beautiful Dalmatian island is an inspiration to designers and writers alike.

Breathe in the relaxing scent of lavender and refreshing sea air. Speaking of colours and fragrances of Hvar – lavender is traditionally linked with resting and optimism. Add to that the soothing effect of the “vitamin sea” and let the summer holidays begin. Did you know that the beginning of organized tourism on Hvar is associated with health tourism and dates back to the 19th century? Find out more in my article Hvar – Sunny Town of Culture.

Get to know the story of charming historic towns and villages and explore Dalmatian traditions. Milna, Malo Grablje, Velo Grablje, Brusje, and Hvar are some of the places you’ll explore on this guided e-bike tour.

And, of course, taste the local delicacies. Olives and olive oil, grapes, lavender, lemons, and oranges are a few of the main ingredients of a healthy Dalmatian diet as well as many wellness and beauty products.

Whether you are discovering the secrets of the island of Hvar with your family or friends – joining our guided e-bike tour is an amusing and educational way to go. The duration of this sightseeing tour is about 4 hours, and during that time, you’ll cross approximately 32 kilometres – accompanied by a local tour guide. 

Visit Milna, Malo Grablje, Velo Grablje, Brusje, and Hvar by E-Bike

Visit Milna, Malo Grablje, Velo Grablje, Brusje, and Hvar by E-Bike, Antonio Rent Hvar
Join Antonio Rent’s Guided E-Bike Tour

Milna – Explore One of the Most Popular Picnic Spots on the Island of Hvar

The first stop on the tour is Milna, a seaside settlement on the south coast of the island of Hvar, known for lovely pebbled beaches, lush pine woods, vineyards, and great restaurants. Milna is one of the most popular picnic spots on Hvar, which attracts visitors from the very beginnings of tourism on this famous Dalmatian island.

Malo Grablje and Velo Grablje Tell the Story of the Traditional Dalmatian Rural Lifestyle

Malo Grablje and Velo Grablje Tell the Story of the Traditional Dalmatian Rural Lifestyle, Antonio Rent Hvar
Velo Grablje – Charming Rural Stone Architecture Intertwined with Natural Sceneries

Malo Grablje village has been abandoned since mid 20th century, and the remaining houses and streets offer a glimpse into a rural lifestyle from many years ago. The villages of Malo Grablje and Velo Grablje tell the story of the traditional Dalmatian way of life and charming rural stone architecture intertwined with natural sceneries. Fragrant lavender is at home here – we suggest you taste a delicious lavender cake.

The View from Konoba Zbondini in Velo Grablje, Antonio Rent Hvar,
The View from Konoba Zbondini in Velo Grablje

In June, the Festival of Lavender in Velo Grablje showcases numerous local products – made from lavender or inspired by lavender. Starting from the traditional essential oil, various wellness and beauty products, artistic fashion accessories, and home decorations…

Brusje – Lavender and Rosemary, Rural Stone Architecture

Similar to the previously mentioned villages, the houses in Brusje are also an example of traditional Dalmatian rural stone architecture. The village of Brusje is known for the production of high-quality lavender and rosemary essential oils. Enjoy the views of the lavender fields from the terrace of a family-run restaurant with a freshening drink in your hands.

The Fortresses in Hvar – Historic Architecture and Spectacular Views

The View from the Spanish Fortress in Hvar,, Antonio Rent Hvar
The View from the Spanish Fortress

Speaking of spectacular views, above the town of Hvar, there are two hills best reached by e-bike. Spanish Fortress on top of one, and Napoleon Fortress on top of the other hill. Historic architecture meets picturesque natural vistas. Discover the exciting story told by these strong stone walls.

Romantic Vistas of Hvar Town in Croatia, Antonio Rent Hvar
Romantic Vistas of Hvar

Enjoy the views of Hvar town and harbour, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea – bathed in sunrays, and romantic sunsets for those special moments with your significant other.

Pokonji Dol – It’s Beachtime

Pokonji Dol Beach in Hvar, Croatia, Antonio Rent Hvar

Beaches are always a popular stop on a sightseeing tour. Pokonji Dol is a beautiful beach, equally loved by the locals and visitors. One of the most photographed views from this pebbled beach is of the small island with a typical Dalmatian lighthouse. Get some rest, and check out all the great photos you took during our e-bike tour.

Let’s make memories in a Dalmatian style… :)

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What to See on Beautiful Hvar Island - a Guided E-Bike Tour, Antonio Rent Hvar

Tour the Landscapes, Towns, Villages, Hills, and Beaches of the Beautiful Hvar Island

Explore the landscapes, towns, villages, hills, and beaches of this picturesque Croatian island. Antonio Rent will gladly assist you in sightseeing the beauty of Hvar Island. Discover our offer of carsscooterse-bikes – and private tours tailored to your needs. Contact us, and let’s talk.

Author: Danica Maricic,

Photos by Antonio Rent and Danica Maricic

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